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Print and apply, applicators, feeders and more

As the world ushers in a new age of automation, is your business ready to do the same?

Whether your business is partially or fully automated, or just beginning to explore automated possibilities, just know you are part of a bigger movement that embraces the idea of using technology to do things better, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Since identifying and tracking everything from inventory, wires, lab samples, and everything in between, is key to improving both quality and efficiency, it’s no surprise automated labeling is a must-have. In particular, automated labeling has the potential to:

  • Maximize productivity
  • Manage volume fluctuations
  • Reduce labor-intensive processes
  • Improve quality and compliance capabilities
  • It’s probably not a question of if you’ll ever automate your labeling process, but when. And when you’re ready, Brady can help. As an industry leader in high-performance identification products, featuring in-house R&D to work directly with end-users, it should come as no surprise that Brady also specializes in labeling solutions to automate traceability and reduce error. Whether looking for an automated solution in your manufacturing facility, data center or laboratory, Brady has the solution for you.


    Gaining efficiency has never been easier. Just use an automated device, like the Wraptor A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator. With it, you can print and wrap in just seven seconds, eliminating expensive and time-consuming hand labeling.

    Compact and lightweight, the Wraptor A6200 is designed for fast and flexible work environments, like cellular manufacturing. It moves easily to different workstations and takes up minimal space, which allows more room to work — and more ways to increase your productivity.

    • Saves time — reduces print / wrap cycle time by 50% relative to hand application
    • Saves labor — faster production with one-step print and apply
    • Saves space — compact design fits smaller workspaces
    Wraptor™ A6200 Wrap Printer Applicator 

    Request Demo 

    Ready to ramp up efficiency in your wire wrapping workflow? Learn more with a Wraptor A6200 virtual demo.


    Find out how much you could be saving by reducing print / wrap cycle time by 50% with the Wraptor A6200 Calculator.


    In a contradictory way, our increasingly wireless world is requiring more and more wires and cables. Keep up with the pace with the Wraptor™ A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator and wrap up your identification fast. This innovative machine allows you to print and apply your self-laminating wrap labels in as little as five seconds so you can efficiently move through your work.

    You also get:

    • Connectivity options – three USB ports and 32GB of internal memory to store your commonly used jobs
    • Identification options — identify wires and cables from 0.060 to 0.600 in. diameter with one machine

    Request Demo 

    Need to boost productivity? See how easy it is to transition from manual to automated wrapping.


    Exactly how much time and money could you save? Use the Wraptor A6500 Cost Savings Calculator to find out.


    Discover how electronics manufacturer Daktronics increased cable identification efficiency with the Wraptor A6500.


    Just because wire diameters are decreasing, that doesn’t mean the data needed to identify them decreases too. Adding a flag gives you the room for the data you need, but can also increase your identification time.

    With the forward-thinking BradyPrinter A5500 Flag Printer Applicator, you can print and apply your flags in as little as five seconds. You’ll also improve other processes, including:

    • Consistent application – labels are applied evenly without wrinkles, skew or edge mismatch to reduce rework
    • Connectivity options – get your data to your machine in a variety of ways, including Wi-Fi
    • Reduce waste – print and apply serialized labels as you go without having to go back and reprint a full batch if an error occurs

    Request Demo 

    Learn how the BradyPrinter A5500 can reduce errors and increase overall efficiency in your current process with a virtual demo.


    Wondering how much time and money you can actually save? Use the BradyPrinter A5500 Cost Savings Calculator and find out.


    More than just integrated technology, the BradyPrinter A8500 Automated Print and Apply involves optimization – greater efficiency, increased flexibility, agile workflow – to move you closer to your Industry 4.0 goals. Using razor-sharp precision and ERP data, the A8500 prints and applies labels – with text, images or barcodes – quickly and consistently. This allows for real-time data tracking, making your processes even more effective.

    With its one-step automation, the A8500 is the perfect high-tech tool to enable smart manufacturing:

    • Higher efficiency – boosts productivity with integrated, one-step print-and-apply capabilities
    • Greater usability – a standalone system compatible with multiple materials and label sizes
    • Accurate to a T – precision placement of clearly printed 300 or 600 dpi labels

    Request Demo 

    Ready to optimize your manufacturing process? Request a demo to learn how the BradyPrinter A8500 can integrate with your ERP system.


    See how the BradyPrinter A8500 Automated Print and Apply can save you time and money.


    Quick. Easy. Reliable. That’s the ALF Automated Label Feeder. The hard-working, high-tech helper that adds efficiency to your PCB manufacturing label application. With a compact design, this device offers automated label feeding at an affordable price. It fits well with existing SMT lines, plus it offers improved traceability – especially when used with Brady materials: white polyimides, laser markable materials and polyimides masking film.

    And, the ALF helps out in other ways, too:

    • Highly efficient– keeps up with modern pick equipment using automated guides and sensors
    • Flexible – multiple adapters fit well with a wide range of pick-and-place machines
    • Saves space – with a smaller footprint, it fits easily onto feeder racks
    • Custom sizes – choose from popular stock label sizes or get custom-sized labels

    Request Demo 

    Not quite sure how to integrate automated label feeding into your SMT line? Let Brady help with a customized ALF Label Feeder demo.


    Learn how manufacturer TouchPad Electronics realized 8x faster labeling and improved asset tracking with the ALF-14-25.


    See how the ALF Automated Label Feeder can save you time and money.


    Getting started with label automation

    How to get the most from your automation investment.

    Get Started
    Asset ID

    Product and Barcode Labeling

    Getting the right product and barcodes for each application.

    Select Label Type
    THT printed label font distortion at 5 pt size

    PCB Laser Markable Labels

    Want crisp resolution for your smallest fonts? Use Laser Markable Labels.

    PCB Laser Markable Labels


    Learn about partial or fully automated solutions, customization options, labels, ribbon or software – all in this Brady brochure. Also, feel free to call our Support Team for your specific needs.

    Download Brochure Contact Us

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